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Steffen Oliver Riese - Photographer Nuremberg

Steffen was born in Erlangen in June 1974 and moved to Japan with his parents at the age of 13, where he spent a great time until A-Level graduation.

He successfully completed his training in Germany before business took him back to Japan. And then he went to Canada for business reasons, where he stayed for two years.

He might not have been born with a camera in his hands, but it has become his constant companion since his eleventh birthday, and today you could not possibly imagine Steffen without it. Photography courses, the development of our own photos in the lab and many, many photographs taken in the past 35 years led to the establishment of our first own photo studio in Nuremberg in 2005, which is perfectly equipped for smaller productions.

As a freelance photographer, Steffen focuses on event photography, portraits, photojournalism, exhibition as well as press and reportages in Nuremberg and throughout Germany.

Steffen is a member of the Association of Photojournalists "FREELENS e.V." and the Canon Professional Network. Our photo studio is also a member of the German trade association "Berufsgenossenschaft Druck".