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Nude photography

This is probably the most personal type of photography. The sensual depiction of what usually remains secret. Making beauty last forever.

Whether you desire pictures for yourself or for someone very special...

We offer you a personal shoot in our studio, at an exclusive location, at home or outdoors. A male or female photographer, just as you wish, puts the spotlight on your strengths.

„Makes visible what, without you, might perhaps never been seen.“
Robert Resson

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course. Bring along your partner and we can take a few pictures of you two together. No matter whom you may be thinking of - simply bring along whoever you wish.


Not really. However, we take quite a lot nude photos. Our services are very popular since we take time, create a pleasant atmosphere and strongly address the ideas and wishes of our clients. There has never been (and will never be) assembly line production based on the cookie-cutter approach.
That is why we will never specialise in a certain area of photography. This would inevitably lead to a loss of diversity. And it is particularly this diversity that is so important to us. Working in a variety of different areas is what enables us to make sure that we will never get weary of our assignments and that they will never get repetitive.


We do take nude pictures. We are simply not among those photographers who want to cause a sensation by means of nude photos on their websites. If you wish to see further nude pictures taken by our photographers, we ask you to make an appointment for a non-binding visit, where we can show you some other pictures.


A good mood, maybe your favourite music, clothes and - if you have not booked a make-up artist - some make-up as well. It would be helpful if you could tell us about your own ideas since we want to take the pictures you desire. You can leave everything to us or ask us to integrate your ideas - we are happy to work to your requirements.


You can make a non-binding appointment beforehand. We get to know each other and show you further pictures that that we deliberately did not publish on this website.
The shoot starts with a preliminary talk where we discuss your ideas and wishes. We have a glance at your outfits, discuss the make-up and look at some other pictures if you wish. We also talk about the purpose of the pictures or who you would like to take the pictures for. This is very important in order to decide how "revealing" the poses are supposed to be. After doing the styling and the make-up, we begin with test shoots.
Then we take the pictures discussed with you beforehand. We will show you the pictures during the shoot in order to make sure that the pictures really meet your demands. You can change your outfits and integrate your own ideas as you like.
After the shooting, you receive all pictures in full resolution and on a suitable data carrier to make a selection. As soon as you have selected your favourites, we edit them professionally (including retouching and removal of possible "problem areas") and send them to your address.


Yes, this is possible. It is up to you what type of pictures we take. We will never urge you in a certain direction but discuss various ideas with you. Implied nude art can be very erotic and appealing to the beholder.


We have worked with several make-up artists in the past few years and will gladly book them on your behalf. We recommend that a make-up artist be present during the entire shoot. Thus, we can change the look after the first styling and, for instance, use the wind machine to destroy your hair-do and have it professionally fixed afterwards. Experience shows that we can do all kinds of styling ranging from discreet make-up to distinct pictures with a very clear styling.


Unfortunately you cannot have nude pictures taken. Not even with your parents' permission.
And even for other pictures we would like your parents to be present in the studio. We appreciate your understanding that we cannot make any exceptions in this respect.