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Children and baby photography

The precious little ones in front of our lens

Whether newborns or schoolchildren - the little ones change so fast that some moments should be captured for the following decades. Not only your child will be happy about it - his or her grandparents and many others will as well.

We take the time and lovingly adapt to your offspring - your baby or child sets the pace.

Take some familiar toys to the shoot and your child will quickly be comfortable in our studio. We would be also happy to take a few nice pictures with the proud mommies and daddies in this absolutely relaxed atmosphere.

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"Family: Where life beginns and love never ends."

Pictures will help you to keep memories of that journey

Frequently asked questions

Please do not come to the shooting with sick babies. The little ones will just have a hard time – and that’s going to be seen in the pictures. They might even get sicker although the studio is specially heated for children and babies. Therefore, please stay at home if your child gets sick and reschedule the shooting.


It is generally possible – but it would take a great effort.
When we take pictures, we attach great importance to their quality. No matter where they are taken.
This involves at least four light sources for many pictures, i.e. four flash heads have to be on-site. We also require some space as the backgrounds have fixed dimensions and we would to avoid working with fabric backgrounds.
So, it is possible, however, we would recommend having the photographs taken in our studio. It is cheaper, requires less effort and we can make sure that the pictures have the right quality. Moreover, we will do our best to make the shoot as pleasant as possible for you and your baby.


Most importantly: Your baby ;-)
But you can also bring along the proud mother or father, various clothes for your offspring and some toys or pets if you wish. Please do not forget to bring diapers and food for the little ones as the shoot might take some time.


Yes, they are.
So far we have only had one baby in the studio that apparently did not like the flashes at all. The baby winced after every flash. So we discontinued the shoot and gave it another successful try a few weeks later. Yet, this was rather an exception.
You should also know that we use large-scale reflectors and diffusers in the studio which are not comparable with the dazzling, unpleasant flash of a conventional camera.