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What our commercial clients say about us

Ratings from our business clients can also be found on our profile page at Proven Experts. Ratings of our key factors such as reliability, professionalism or expertise can be found there or by following the link below (translated from the German original):

Testimonials from our business clients

Beautiful pictures on the one hand - the use of the pictures for our customers and their satisfaction on the other hand. Read for yourself (translated from the german original):


"Steffen Oliver Riese is well-known for his professional photography in the region, which would be a much less “picturesque“ place without him.

He has worked for us on a number of occasions, where he swiftly adapted to the topic at hand and did an extremely professional job with a great eye for the unusual. He is very reliable and extremely fast in image editing.

The results are great and his demeanour is always pleasant. We can recommend Steffen Oliver Riese with utmost confidence.

As his name indicates, Steffen Oliver Riese, is a “giant“ in the photography industry in our region. With him, you can be sure that you always get the bigger (and better) picture."

THOMAS SABO  //  Ursula Simon, PA to Mr Thomas Sabo

Sparkasse Nürnberg

"Sparkasse Nürnberg has worked with Steffen Riese on a regular basis since 2008. He captures the key moments of major events and press conferences held by our bank and covers entire advertising campaigns. He is also active as a lecturer running in-house photography workshops for our staff.

Photographs taken by Steffen Riese are of excellent quality and photo sessions with him are always great fun! He is very skilful at presenting the sponsoring activities of our bank in a subtle but effective way. His reliability, flexibility, speed and professional manner have made him a valuable partner."

Sparkasse Nürnberg  //  Otfried Bürger, Public Relations Manager


TeamBank AG / easyCredit

"Mr Riese has taken pictures for TeamBank AG / easyCredit since 2006. Apart from sophisticated outdoor pictures of the easyCredit Stadium, we have booked him for various event photographs and photo documentaries of corporate events.

He stands out due to his absolute reliability as well as his strong motivation and innovative ability. His good spontaneous ideas during the shoots lead to unique photo results, which have always satisfied our company. We are also thrilled about Mr Riese's open, honest and professional manner."

TeamBank AG // Florian Günnel (Marketing - Advertising)

Radio Energy Nürnberg

"ENERGY Nürnberg has closely cooperated with Steffen Riese since 2005. His photographs are of first-class quality, real eye-catchers and have a high recognition value. Furthermore, our radio station appreciates Steffen Riese's spontaneity, flexibility and commitment - even beyond city limits: Meanwhile, Steffen Riese has worked at ENERGY events throughout Germany.

Due to the PR efforts of ENERGY Nürnberg, many of his photographs have already been used in regional newspaper articles and some of them were even featured in front-page stories.

We are thrilled by Steffen Riese's photographic art and can only recommend him as a very reliable partner!"

Radio ENERGY Nürnberg // Amrei Noä (Press Spokesperson and Presenter)

werk:b Events

"Steffen Riese and his team have often taken pictures for our company. We highly appreciate the expressive pictures he takes, his reliability and spontaneity. Steffen was our photographer and media partner at the Kennametal Kick&Groove Park at the open air event in Kornmarkt and at Wöhrder Wiese. The pictures and his commitment were sensational.

He also photographed other events organised by our agency. His photos reflected the events true to and with passion for detail. What we like to point out in particular is his tireless dedication and interaction with our guests.

We would like to thank Mr Riese and we are looking forward to a successful future cooperation!"

werk:b // Christian Kohlert, Executive Director and Event Manager

Concertbüro Franken

"Concertbüro Franken has worked with Steffen Oliver Riese since 2006, especially in the field of concert and festival photography. Steffen and his colleagues have accompanied the Feuertanz Festival and - since 2009 - the brandnew Pyraser Festival - both organised by our company.

We got to know Steffen and his colleagues as a very reliable, thoughtful and pleasant team which we appreciate very much! The pictures have always been taken to our full satisfaction and have been characterised by diversity, variety and imaginativeness. There have never been any problems with artists, managers or our employees during the course of our cooperation.

With this in mind, we can recommend Steffen Oliver Riese Fotografie with confidence and are looking forward to further cooperation!"

Concertbüro Franken // Guido Glöckler, Executive Manager

Enchilada Nürnberg

"It is with good reason that Steffen Riese is a very sought-after photographer - not only in Nuremberg.

Whether it’s about empty rooms, events or “just” faces - Steffen always finds the right angle and creativity for unusual perspectives. He seems to have no technical limits and therefore always perfectly captures the atmosphere, which is often even more impressive in his pictures than in reality.

Moreover, he exudes calm and has an impressive patience while always looking for the perfect picture. All his photos are perfect to my eye - however, he always wants to get the most out of the room or face. Steffen manages to transform a flickering candle into a small firework and an impressive light and shadow play. He gets seemingly countless emotions out of a smile and finds corners and details in every room that are worth to be highlighted but easily overlooked by everyone else.

I gladly recommend Steffen to everyone who does not only want a few pictures but to capture the atmosphere of the occasion forever!"

Enchilada Nürnberg // Markus Lehner, Executive Manager