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Job application photos

If you really want good job application photos...

Not only have the application documents become more sophisticated, but high-quality job application photos have gained in importance in the past few years as well.

Depending on the job, your experience and skills, a high-quality job application photo should convey a certain message.

Pictures that are well-adapted to the recipient of your application documents and your personality and clearly stand out from "photo booth pictures" underline your interest in your potential future employer.

We fully adapt to the requirements of your application and put you in the right light in a 2-3 hour shoot. We offer you the entire range from creative to classic job application photos.

Below, you can find detailed information about our job application photos and our work.


How high-quality job application photos are produced

Talking - this how we will start

Firstly, we discuss the shoot in a preliminary talk. We would like to know more about you, your intended job and potential future employer. We require this information in order to integrate them into the photo because we do not want a youngster to look like an experience bank director or a manager like a clerk.

We also clarify how much creative leeway we have for the pictures, which primarily depends on your potential future employer.

We tell you about the procedure and important further aspects to be taken into account during the shoot. And we select a suitable outfit together.

Test shoots

After the preliminary talk, we go to the studio. Your make-up is checked in order to prepare you for the shoot and the light is optimised for your type.

We look for your very best and take initial pictures, which we examine at the PC together with you. This helps us to draw conclusions for the next shoot.

Photo shoot - in several stages

Then, we go ahead with the actual shoot. The pictures are taken in several runs, examined and selected at the PC together with you. This process is repeated until the customer and photographer are fully satisfied with the results and we have minimised the selection of job application photos.

Data transfer - what you receive

After the shoot, you'll receive the pictures electronically to make your final selection. You receive these pictures before leaving our premises.

Image editing

As soon as you have selected "THE" job application photo, you can send us the image file and we will professionally enhance the picture. You can also obtain different versions upon request in order to vary them according to the requirements of your potential employer.

This method ensures that you receive job application photos which are perfectly adjusted to your potential job and which you can use for several years (provided that your appearance does not change significantly).

What really matters

The nuts and bolts of job application photos

We would like to give you some information on the essential aspects of job application photos. Experience shows that there are often misunderstandings or false expectations.

The most important aim of the picture is to present the applicant positively.
The beholder - your potential new employer - has to find the person in the picture likeable. It is our task to convey this feeling in your pictures. If this element is missing, the picture is definitely of no use.

The authentic depiction of you is another extremely important aspect.
There is no point in showing a 25-year-old young professional who has just completed his degree as self-confident manager. As soon as the employer sees his CV, he will realise that the picture and the application's contents do not match. This might raise doubts, which is certainly to be avoided. And we will never depict a professionally experienced lady at an advanced age as a shy wallflower with Barbie-like skin.
This only leads to misunderstandings. Of course, image editing enables us to retouch all wrinkles or remove a double chin. However, particularly with regard to this picture type, it is important that you go to your job interview just as the picture shows you.

Furthermore, it is essential that the beholder perceives your efforts of having chosen a professional photographer and having avoided photo booths or quick shoots while passing by a photo studio.

This is a fundamental aspect, which is easy to handle as the picture language, section and editing provided by us will definitely meet your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

You can expect the shoot to take a total of two to three hours. The preliminary talk, test shoots and joint examination of the pictures at the PC take their time. Sometimes it is a bit faster, sometimes it takes a bit longer. In the end, you are not surrounded by studio flashes, have to wait patiently and may friendly look into the camera every day. You will be surprised about the effect of minor changes in posture on the picture. Although we take our job seriously, we will of course ensure that you have as much fun as possible during the shoot and that boredom does not stand a chance.


Sicherlich - nur eben "leider" nicht bei uns.

Jahrelange Erfahrung hat uns gelehrt, dass Kunden zunächst mal verstehen wollen (und auch sollen), warum und wieso wir die Aufnahmen so gestalten, wie sie am Ende dem Kunden überreicht werden. In fast allen Fällen muss das Outfit und das Make-up für die Aufnahmen angepasst werden, was auch schon seine Zeit in Anspruch nimmt. Probeaufnahmen, die gemeinsame Sichtung der Bilder hier vor Ort und dann natürlich die eigentlichen Aufnahmen dauern nun mal leider ihre Zeit - und diese nehmen wir uns für unsere Kunden.

Parallel haben wir ein hohen Qualitätsanspruch, speisen unsere Kunden nicht einen nach dem anderen ab und müssen am Ende des Tages auch mit den Aufnahmen zufrieden sein. Wenn Sie also Aufnahmen auf die Schnelle wünschen, dann sind wir leider die falschen Fotografen für Sie und bitten um Verständnis, dass wir von unserer bewährten Vorgehensweise nicht abrücken werden.

Ein Friseurtermin ein paar Tage vor den Aufnahmen ist zu empfehlen. Gehen Sie aber bitte nicht am Tag der Aufnahmen zum Friseur!
Wir alle wissen, dass die Friseur sehr gekonnte Stylisten sind und mit Fön, Spray etc. wahre Wunder vollrichten - eigenständig schafft man das eigentlich nie. Es ist aber sehr wichtig, dass wir Sie mit einer Frisur fotografieren, die Sie dann auch bei einem Bewerbunsgespräch tragen.

We think this is somewhat overrated. Some of our customers also have portraits taken once they are in our studio. In this case, having a make-up artist is a good idea.
With regard to job application photos, it is particularly important that the person looks natural despite the make-up. Job application photos are usually not very big. Attracting attention due to heavy make-up is certainly not the right thing to do. Finally, when going to your job interview, you should wear a similar make-up.
We pay attention to a balanced make-up and make sure to avoid undesired shiny spots or reflections in your face. This is where the main focus of the shoot lies and everything else comes second.


Firstly, you receive the pictures on a data carrier directly after the shoot. Secondly, the picture of your choice is professionally edited. This service does not incur any extra charges.


Upon agreement – yes, you may. This means that you inform us where and how the picture will be used. We will also ask you only to use the edited picture.
However, use for other purposes than intended (e.g. as portrait in a book or newspaper article or personal introduction on your corporate website) must be agreed upon separately. But we will certainly find a solution but extra charges may apply

If you wish to receive prints, we will gladly provide them. However, it makes sense to order them on your part as this is more cost-efficient. We can gladly do this for you but we are also prepared to tell you where to order them to save money.