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Our clients

Here is a list of clients we have worked for in the past:

1. FCN // Merchandising, Team photos
ADAC  //  Eventphotography, Commercial, Public Relations, Portraits
Adidas  //  Portraits
Air Berlin  //  Advertising
Allfinanz Deutsche Vermögensberatung  //  Eventphotography
Aposto  //  Interior, Advertising
Antenne Thüringen  //  Event, Portraits, Commercial
ARGO-Konzerte  //  Aerial photography
Audi  //  Eventphotography
AOK Gesundheitskasse  //  Promotion
BASF  //  Eventphotography, Portraits, Trade fair
Belden  //  Event photography
Bertelsmann  //  Advertising
Berufsgenossenschaft ETEM  //  Event photography, Portraits, Architecture
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung  //  Event photography
Carrera  //  Eventphotography
Chanel  //  Promotion, Interior, Image
CITO  //  Erotic calendar
Concertbüro Franken  //  Festival- und Concert photography
Congress- und Tourismuszentrale Nürnberg  //  Commercial, PR, Event photography
Dolce & Gabbana  // Promotion
Deutsche Leasing  //  Eventphotography
DIEDRUCKEREI.DE  //  Portraits of the executive board members
easyCredit-Stadion Nuremberg  //  Architecture, Conzert
Eheim  //  Product photography, Exhibition & Fair
Elektrobit  //  Event, Commercial, PR
Enchilada Nuremberg  //  Interior, Architecture, Image, Commercial, Event
ENERGY Media  //  Event, Reportage, Concert, Image, Advertising, Portraits
Eventpiloten  //  Eventphotography
FDP-Bundesparteitag  //  Event photography
Frankensolar //  Eventphotography, Architecture, Portraits
Freudenberg Process Seals  //  Exhibition & Fair
Funkhaus Nuremberg  //  Event, Concert, Comercial, Portraits
GEZE // Exhibition & Fair
Google  //  Event, Promotion, Exhibition & Fair
Haß & Haß  //  Product photography (Watches)
Hochtief  //  Portraits, Event photography
HOFMANN Personal  //  Commercial, consulting
HUGO BOSS  //  Promotion, Event photography
IG Metall  //  Press
ING DiBa  //  Event photography
INTERSPORT  //  Interior
ISE  //  Event photography, Portraits, Aerial photography
Knöller Fußbodentechnik  //  Architecture, Interior
LEGO  //  Event photography
L'ORÉAL  //  Promotion
Mercedes-Benz  //  Portraits, PR, Event, Sports, Concert, Architecure, Commercial
Microsoft  //  Exhibition photography, Product photography
OI  // Portraits, Exhibition & Fair
OMV  //  Press
OPINION  //  Image, Portraits, Product photography (product packages)
Porsche  //  Portraits, Interior, Image
Primetals Technology  //  Industrial photography, Public relation, Commercial
PUMA  //  Eventphotography
Purina  //  Portraits, Event photography
Radio ENERGY Nuremberg  //  Advertising, Portraits, Image, Concert, Press
Red Bull  //  Eventphotography, Aerial photography
Rémy Martin  //  Eventphotography
Rummelsberger Medical Clinics  //  Portraits, PR, Commercial
Semikron  //  Portraits
Severin  //  Advertising
Siemens  //  Eventphotography, Architecture, Product photography, Industrial images
SIKA  //  Exhibition & Fair, PR, Event photography,
SIKU  //  Commercial
sld mediatec  //  Event and industrial photography, Public Relation, Portraits
SMC Pneumatik  //  Event photography
SonyBMG  //  Concert, Eventphotography
Sparkasse Nuremberg  //  Interior, Architecture, Concert photography, Event, Advertising, PR
SportFive  //  Sports, PR, Commercial, Portraits
TeamBank // Architecture, Portraits, Advertising, Event photography, Sports
Tessloff Verlag  //  Portraits
Thomas Sabo //  PR, Reportage, Sports, Event, Interior
Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers  //  Sports, Advertising, Event, PR, Player portraits
Transactio  //  Portraits, Eventphotography
TSV 1860 München  //  Image, Interior, Sports
Tucher Bräu  //  Commercial, Architecture
Twerenbold Reisen AG  //  Eventphotography
Vapiano  // Eventphotography, Architecture, Image
VIER PFOTEN e.V.  //  Press, Film
Walt Disney  //  Eventphotography
WDR  //  Portraits
Weleda  //  Exhibition & Fair, Eventphotography, Advertising
Werk:B  //  Event photography, Reportage
Wöhrl  //  Fashion show, Event photography