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Charivari radio host Christof Öhm in our photo studio

Created by Steffen Oliver Riese |

Morningshow radio host Christof Öhm again visited oour photo studio for some "special" portraits

A visit we were very happy about - especially in times like these, we are very happy to have some allternation and "not so common" photo shootings are more than welcome.

Christof was here for the first time about a year ago when the morningshow crew at Charivari changed and new portraits were needed for their website and also billboards. This time however somewhat unusual portraits where planed that one does not really see on a regualr basis showing Christofs individual character.

We took several different black and white portraits were photographed. 3 of them are here to see four our visitors hope that you enjoy them as much as we do - and Christof as well.

Interessted? We are always happy to book an apointment for you here in our studio in the North of Nuremberg. Hope to see you soon.

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