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XILINX exhibition stand at the embedded world 2019

What a booth! We were delighted to shoot the exhibition stand from XILINX at the embedded world 2019 at the Nuremberg fair.

The company that build the XILINX exhibition stand is well known to us as we were able to work for them several times already.

This is the final image provided to our client. Looks great, right? The booth also looks great if you are standing in front of it but to take pictures of it.. that was everything else but easy. The stand was in 3A - one of the newest halls of the exhibition center in Nuremberg with high glass facades and if one wants to take photos early in the morning before the exhibition starts it is certainly a task if the sun is shining.

Taking photos at the exhibition in Nuremberg is not an easy task for any photographer to start with as you have black floor, narrow walkways between the stands but in this case, we even hat to fight the sunlight shining in on top of it all. It was a tough job to get the exhibition stand to look like it does in the end.

Either way... we are getting ready for the IWA OutdoorClassic and Enforce Tec exhibition starting next week with already 6 stands to shoot in our backlog. None of them in 3A ;-)