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Update to Corona virus: Photo studio is open, BUT...

Here is the most important, latest information. The photo studio is still open but with even tighter restrictions as of Dec. 16th, 2020

### Last update: December 16th, 2020 ###

Effective April 20th 2020 the photo studio is open again. Restrictions do apply and effective Dec. 16th became even tighter.

In order to work for you we are required to keep a distance to our customers of 1,5m  and still obey the rules for contacts. Only customers of max. 1 household may take photos at the same time in the studio. Generally, the number of people in the studio should be kept at a minimum. The following rules apply:

  • Customers need to wear a mask when entering and leaving the studio. Also hands have to be disinfected when entering
  • A distance of 1,5m has to be kept at all times
  • Customers may only be in the studio, lounge area and bathroom
  • The photographer has to fallow the contact rules - we therefor are not allowed to help with hair, make-up or clothing. Please keep in mind that this might lead to a longer photos hooting
  • Customers need to schedule an appointment before coming to the studio

Due to the current exit restrictions put in place in Bavaria today, customers will need a convincing reason to leave their home. Family portraits etc. are currently not a sufficient reason to leave the house. Business application photos or portraits however are.

Photo shootings at a client are generally possible but need to be individually evaluated - a general statement at this time is currently not possible. Please contact us to clarify your individual needs.

Please stay healthy and please stay with us. Sincere thanks.