Digital image editing

The final touch

As soon as the photos are taken, we also offer image editing. Again, this is a service provided to our customers from one single source.

Of course, we go to great lengths in order to take the pictures as perfectly as possible so that image editing is actually not necessary. However, particularly in these days, where observers have "sadly" gotten used to massively edited pictures - such as the covers of various society magazines - extensive image processing has become a compulsory exercise.

Depending on the usage it also frequently occurs that image editing takes more time than the planning of the photo shoot and the taking of the actual picture - especially with regard to high-quality productions.

We are happy to integrate your wishes and requirements as well as the intended purpose of the photographs into our service. Furthermore, we go over all working steps with you or your graphics or marketing department, making good and effective use of your capacities.

Please do not hesitate to inform us about any further requirements concerning the layout or design that go beyond image editing. Even if we cannot directly offer you the respective service, we know many creative thinkers that we can resort to for cooperation and support at any time.

Give us a try!