Aerial photography

Aerial photography in and around Nuremberg

Many buildings, properties or events such as open-air events only come into its own from a bird’s eye perspective.

We gladly take aerial photos for you - no matter whether you require them for commercial use, advertising purposes, the documentation of construction progress or better event planning. Their purposes are unlimited and we will certainly find the optimal solution for you.

For aerial photos, we need to charter an aircraft on your behalf, which is not exactly cheap.  The good news is: We often receive customer orders that can be combined with others. This enables us to split the costs for the aircraft and pilot among several customers, which is a great benefit for everyone. Unless you require the pictures on a certain date, we will gladly keep your request on file and only charter a photo flight when we receive further requests for the same service.

Fortunately, aerial photos are in high demand, so we do not expect long waiting periods. 

Highlights: Rock im Park, easyCredit-Stadion, XXXL Lutz, Siemens AG and many more