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Interior photos for Enchilada Nuremberg

For the 3rd time we were allowed to photograph the interior of Nurembergs top mexican restaurant after the latest renovation. Take a look.

Often we are being asked, what kind of photos we like taking the most. A question very hard to answer because most of the times it is not the photo that is outstanding but the conditions and the story behind it. Also in this case.

For the 3rd time late on a Sunday night we made the way to the central Nuremberg location to shoot the interior photos once there is almost no more guests on site. With us, the owner and by now very good friend, Markus Lehner.

Shooting the location is not as easy as it might seem and there is a lot more to it, than the images may transport. But after the renovation the place became more of a beauty than it was before.

Thank you so much, Senior Lehner. And please renovate again some time soon ;-)