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Update to Corona virus: Photo studio is open

Here is the most important, latest information. The photo studio is open again but with restrictions.

### Last update: June20th, 2020 ###

Effective April 20th 2020 the photo studio is open again. Restrictions do apply.

In order to work for you we are required to keep a distance to our customers of 1,5m as good as possible and still obey the rules for contacts. Only customers of max. 2 households (this should be in review soon) may take photos at the same time in the studio. Generally, the numer of people in the studio should be kept at a minimum.

Photo shootings at a client are gererally possible but need to be individually evaluated - a general statement at this time is currently not possible. Please contact us to clarify your individual needs.

Please stay healthy and please stay with us. Sincere thanks.