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Portraits for the new Radio Charivari Morningshow

The local radio station "Charivari" was in need of portraits for the new Morning show. A visit to our photo studio that we were more than happy about.

The radio hosts have changed at the local radio station "Charivari" and new portraits were needed. A very good reason for Christof Öhm and Louisa Lou to pay a visit to our photo studio.

Louisa is well known here... wo took photos of her for some many times no one can count. But for Christof it was the first time here to get photos taken. But either way... it was a wonderful experience to have the both of them here (again) and our make-up artist Coco Sixt took really good care of them and made them even look better.

In just a few hours we created numerous photos that can and will be used for different messages transported by the pictures. And again... it was fun working with both of them.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you again and the enduring loyalty. Especially in times like this highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Photographer: Steffen Oliver Riese
Make-up: Coco Sixt
Graphic: Funkhaus Nürnberg